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17 May 2023

Session announcement: Chair yoga

Session announcement: Chair yoga

Join Jennifer Dale, Founder of Micro Yoga, the 30-minute yoga class you can do sitting down, to stretch out and relax after an exciting day.

As a nursery manager, while you’re running around some of the time, you probably also spend a fair amount of time sitting down at your desk. Too much sedentary working can have an adverse effect on your health, as the NHS says in this article titled ‘Why we should sit less’.

Those of us with desk-based jobs can do a number of things to improve our health, including standing up to move around every so often, buying an ergonomic chair or a standing desk, and exercising regularly. 

But sometimes exercise can be difficult to fit in around work and family commitments – so Jennifer has designed a unique solution: micro yoga. You can do these exercises at your desk, and over time they’ll strengthen your whole body – as well as making you feel a whole lot more alert during that 3pm energy slump.

Jennifer’s programme includes gently challenging exercises to combat common problems that arise in desk workers. For example, too many hours sitting down can cause degeneration in your back muscles. A micro spinal twist can help to relieve backaches, stretch the upper body, increase mobility in your spine, help digestion, and improve your postural alignment.

Join Jennifer to:

  • Stretch those muscles out after a long day in this chair yoga class
  • Improve your wellbeing through gentle, strengthening exercise
  • Take away some quick routines to do at your desk

You don’t need a mat, yoga clothes, or any experience. Just bring yourself – we’ll see you there!



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