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19 Jun 2023

Session announcement: How to get closer to hard-to-reach families

Session announcement: How to get closer to hard-to-reach families
Join Matt Arnerich of Famly and Gina Lewis of Grandir UK to discuss how to build relationships with families who are reluctant to engage.

In a nursery setting, some parents and guardians are always easier to communicate with than others. Some are incredibly involved, wanting to know every detail about their child’s day – but others are more distant, and you can go weeks without properly speaking to them.

Regular communication between parents and the people who are caring for and teaching their children is important to ensure the child’s needs are being met consistently, at home and at nursery. It also means that any issues – whoever they’re spotted by – can be picked up and dealt with holistically, with the family and and nursery staff working as a team.

There are many reasons a family might not be as in-touch as you’d like them to be – maybe they are time-poor, have other pressing family concerns, or simply don’t understand how important it is. Whatever the case, there are some things you can do to help build trust and relationships with families, to benefit the children in your care.

Matt is director of brand and comms at Famly, the online platform that enables parents and nursery staff to communicate efficiently via messages and photos, and he’ll be discussing how technology – no matter your provider – can help build bridges. 

Gina is the nursery manager of Kiddi Caru nursery in Rushden, part of the Grandir group. She’ll be sharing her experience and tips on how to build relationships with hard-to-reach families.

Join Matt and Gina in the Technology Theatre to:

  • Discuss the difficulties of reaching those parents who, no matter how hard you try, don't want to engage
  • Hear how other nursery managers have built relationships with families, and nick some of their strategies
  • Share your own tactics that have helped improve communication with parents
  • Hear how technology can help streamline communication and build trust with families


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