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12 May 2023

Session announcement: Confident leadership

Session announcement: Confident leadership
Join Sue Kamal from Realise for a CPD-accredited session on how to build your confidence and believe in yourself as a leader, to benefit both you and your team.

Nursery management is an incredibly valuable and highly-skilled job, which requires you to balance competing demands and be responsible for everything from HR to invoices, all while ensuring the best quality care and education for the children in your care.

Despite this, many nursery managers lack confidence in their own abilities. But as this TED Talk by leadership coach Dr Karyn Gordon explains, confidence is integral to good leadership. 

That’s why we’ve designed a CPD session all around confidence in leadership. Come along to this workshop to build your confidence (and appear even more confident than you are!) and hear about the benefits not only for your professional development but for your team’s strength, resilience, and contentment.

Sue Kamal is people director at renowned nursery training company Realise. With almost two decades of experience in senior HR roles, Sue is an expert in confidence as a leader, and will be sharing her wisdom with managers at the show.

Join Sue’s CPD-accredited workshop to:

  • Banish imposter syndrome and learn how to confidently manage your team
  • Role-play difficult situations that can arise at work and how to handle them with conviction
  • Learn what the 'Barack Obama' effect is and how to harness it
  • Discover speech and body-language tricks to make you appear more confident, even when you don't feel it
  • Leave with a CPD-accredited certificate

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