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14 Jun 2023

Session announcement: How to have difficult conversations

Session announcement: How to have difficult conversations
Join Sue Kamal from Realise to learn strategies for conducting disciplinary meetings, and improve your ability to have difficult conversations with parents and staff alike.

Nobody likes having a difficult conversation, whoever it’s with – but as a nursery manager, you’ll definitely have faced some already, and will face many more.

Often these conversations can feel daunting because we’re not sure how they will go; how will the other person react? Will I say something to make it even worse?

But a key way to combat these worries, and to be as confident in your ability to resolve the situation as possible, is to develop your skills in conflict resolution. This doesn’t mean allowing bad behaviour to go unchecked; rather, that you’re confident to deal with situations when they arise, and firm but fair when dealing with staff and parents.

In terms of the situations that could arise, there are any number of possibilities – from a staff member consistently turning up late or dressing inappropriately, to a parent placing unreasonable demands on you.

Whatever the issue, being skilful at holding people to account where needed (or apologising when you’ve got it wrong), then working to find a resolution and rebuild the relationship, is key to success. 

Join Sue, people director at Realise, in Free CPD Theatre 2 to:

  • Get hands-on training on how to have difficult conversations with parents and staff alike
  • Role-play real case studies and practice the best way of dealing with tricky situations
  • Learn strategies for conducting disciplinary meetings
  • Leave with a CPD-accredited certificate


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