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12 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Digital safety

Session announcement: Digital safety
Join Chris Skinner and Sophie Campbell Ford to learn how to teach your children about being safe online, and gain exclusive access to additional online training for your staff and parents.

It’s one of the biggest worries of parents in our modern world: how do I make sure my kids are safe online? Many of us grew up without technology, but today’s children live in a very different world, with the internet at their fingertips. 

This is great in many ways – just look at Polylino (speakers in our Operational Excellence theatre) who are using technology to bring translated and audio-books to children, improving inclusivity for EAL (English as an additional language), neurodivergent, and disabled children.

However, it comes with risks – and if children are using technology from the time they’re toddlers, we need to be teaching them about safety online, just as we teach them to look both ways before crossing a road.

Nurseries have a big responsibility to embed this learning in their curriculum, and not only if they use technology in the setting – children at Forest Schools nurseries may still use mum’s iPad at home. We have therefore partnered with the National College, an online CPD platform used by more than 43,000 nurseries, schools and colleges, to provide this free training on digital safety.

With almost 30 years’ experience working with professionals from schools, the police, youth offending, and social services, Chris is senior online safety consultant at The National College, where he supports educators to deliver a whole-school approach to online safety. 

Meanwhile, Sophie is education programme manager at The National College, where she leads the development of courses, webinars, guides and lesson plans to support education settings in their approach to online safety. 

Join Chris and Sophie in the Technology Theatre to:

  • Discover the key principles of online safety and the pedagogical approaches you can take
  • Find solutions to the challenges of communicating this topic to young children
  • Leave with a stepped approach to age-appropriate digital literacy to use in your setting
  • Gain exclusive access to online training for your staff and parents on teaching digital safety to under-fives


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