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Nursery Managers Show

27 - 28 June 2024 NEC, BIRMINGHAM

02 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Equality, diversity and inclusion

Session announcement: Equality, diversity and inclusion

Join experts from Kidzrus and ILT Education to discuss the crucial issues around equality, diversity and inclusion that nursery managers are facing every day.

If children face inequality early on, it can have a long-term impact on their life chances and affect their self-esteem, confidence and trust of others. On the other hand, a child’s first few years are the best time to improve their life chances and support their development of acceptance, co-operation and sensitivity to others.

Inclusion and diversity embraces gender, age, ethnicity, disadvantage, disability, different family set-ups and other characteristics. Nursery managers are in a unique position to create an inclusive environment but it is important to embed inclusive practice in a setting’s culture and everyday practice rather than treating it as a tickbox exercise.

Join Kidzrus director Nicola Fleury, area manager Gemma Fletcher and senior nursery manager Natalie Jones as well as ILT Education’s UK country manager Vanessa Chandler to discuss practical issues including:

  • When a child arrives at your nursery with two mummies or two daddies, how do you make them feel welcome and included? 
  • When refugee families move to your area, how do you offer holistic care for them and their children?
  • How can you create a real culture of inclusion and safety for everyone in your community
  • Work in groups to discuss real case studies and how you would manage them


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