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28 Mar 2023

Session announcement: Financial wellbeing

Session announcement: Financial wellbeing

Join Karolina Gerlich of the Care Workers’ Charity for advice on managing your budget and making your money stretch, at a time of heightened financial difficulty.

Come along to the Wellbeing theatre at 10am on both days of the show to hear Karolina’s advice, borne of years of experience as the CEO of the Care Workers’ Charity (CWC).

Care and nursery workers both do crucial and difficult work, looking after people’s loved ones while often struggling on minimum wages. Karolina’s experience as a home care worker herself, followed by years of leading a team helping financially vulnerable care workers, has given her a wealth of knowledge to share.

  • Learn how to make the most of your budget at a time of financial difficulty
  • Access resources to help with everything from paying for childcare to managing debt and accessing emergency housing
  • Workshop how to plan for a healthy financial future

Founded in 2009 to support care workers with one-off crisis grants, the CWC now supports the nearly 2 million care workers in the UK, paying out over £4.5 million in grants to almost 7,000 care workers since 2020.



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