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23 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Going beyond the EYFS: Curriculum building

Session announcement: Going beyond the EYFS: Curriculum building
Join experienced nursery managers and directors to discuss how you can adapt the seven areas of the EYFS to suit your unique setting and children.

Everyone knows the seven areas of the EYFS, and how important it is to stick to them when designing your nursery curriculum:

  1. Communication and language
  2. Physical development
  3. Personal, social and emotional development
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Understanding the world
  7. Expressive arts and design

The EYFS provides a solid guideline, but every nursery, and the children it cares for, is so different that it’s impossible for one set of guidelines to apply perfectly to every setting.

Therefore, it’s important to adapt the EYFS to suit the children and families in your care, perhaps thinking about which areas need to be advanced if the children are very competent in it, or which areas need extra attention.

In this session, we’ve brought together a group of nursery managers and directors with on-the-ground experience of designing a bespoke curriculum for their nursery settings, to share their experiences and advice. Joining us are:

  • Josie Mapes, Head of education - The Lime Trees
  • Amanda Bates, Nursery manager - The Lime Trees Cropwell Bishop
  • Abigail Poole, Practice based manager - Charnwood Nursery & Pre-school Group
  • Gail Murphy, Early years development manager - National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA)
  • Sarah Mackenzie, Chief executive - Storal
  • Shanti Flynn, Head of education - Storal
  • Claire Atkins, Nursery manager - Bright Horizons

With a variety of experience from across different regions, demographics, and setting sizes, our panel is well placed to lead you in a discussion of how to build and adapt your own curriculum to provide the maximum benefit for your children and impress Ofsted to boot.

Join our panel of experienced nursery managers and directors to:

  • Reinforce your knowledge of the 7 areas of learning under the EYFS
  • Hear from 'Outstanding' nursery managers who have been particularly successful at implementing one of the areas
  • Workshop how you can stick to the EYFS while moulding your curriculum to suit your setting
  • Leave with 5 concrete actions to make your curriculum your own


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