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07 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Intergenerational childcare

Session announcement: Intergenerational childcare

Join Sue Egersdorff and Liz Ludden, Ready Generations, and Ruth Sandbach, Belong Chester, to discover how building relationships with care homes in your community can benefit your children.

There is a growing body of research citing the benefits of intergenerational relationships, particularly between nursery-age children and older adults in care homes or retirement villages. As a result, many nurseries are building connections with these organisations in their community, to a greater or lesser degree. 

The Nursery in Belong, a 25-place nursery run by Ready Generations within a care village in Chester, is an example where intergenerational principles are integral to the purpose of the nursery, but no matter your setting or situation, there is something you can do to help your children connect with older adults.

The benefits of doing so are fantastic both for the children and for the adults they spend time with. As The ExtraCare Charitable Trust writes on its website: “Children in pre-school who are partnered with older volunteers show better socio-emotional outcomes such as increased tolerance of others, increased empathy, less judgement, and greater social acceptance.”

Meanwhile, the Trust writes, older adults can benefit from “decreased social isolation, improved quality of life and purpose in life, improved self-worth, self-esteem, empowerment, cognitive health, reduced falls and frailty, increased strength, balance, and walking.”

Join Sue Egersdorff and Liz Ludden, co-founders of Ready Generations, and Ruth Sandbach, nursery manager at Belong Chester, to:

  • Hear from an innovative nursery based in a care village offering dementia and nursing care
  • Learn how intergenerational relationships can radically enrich children's and older people's lives
  • Take away a step-by-step guide to building relationships with care homes and elderly communities in your area


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