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05 May 2023

Session announcement: Leading a learning walk

Session announcement: Leading a learning walk
Join Kelly Hill of The Early Years Company for a CPD-accredited session where you’ll learn how to confidently lead an Ofsted learning walk during an inspection.

Inspections by the regulator are always a high-pressure time for nursery managers, but it often helps to to practice the things you can control on the day. 

One of these things is the ‘learning walk’, in which you show the inspector/s round your setting. Practicing this walk, the chronology, and what you’ll say, will help you to be confident and happy with your performance on the day.

As a seasoned ex-nursery manager, now an owner and trainer, Kelly is perfectly positioned to give you no-nonsense advice on how to develop the skill of leading a great learning walk. 

However much you prepare, children are notoriously unpredictable and you can never be 100% sure what might happen during a tour of your setting. Kelly will address this, too, workshopping with you how to have a conversation with the inspector/s prior to the walk to make them aware of, for example, any children who might find the inspection difficult.

Join Kelly for this CPD-accredited session to:

  • Learn how to confidently lead an Ofsted learning walk
  • Get your hands on a 10-point checklist to cover during the walk
  • Learn how to have a conversation with the inspector before walking into rooms where a child or staff member might find their presence difficult
  • Feel prepared to practice your own learning walk and go for that Ofsted 'outstanding' rating
  • Leave with a CPD-accredited certificate

And if you’re interested in Ofsted and inspections, join our Ofsted-led session at 11am on both days in the Operational Excellence theatre.

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