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12 Apr 2023

Session announcement: Menopause support in the workplace

Session announcement: Menopause support in the workplace

Join Jacqui McBurnie of NHS England for a workshop on how to look after yourself and your team during the menopause – and how a good menopause policy can improve staff retention.

Visit the Wellbeing Theatre at 12noon on both days of the show to hear from Jacqui McBurnie, Chair of the NHS England Menopause Network, on the impact of the menopause and how a good menopause policy can transform your team.

The impact of the menopause has gone unacknowledged for far too long, with women expected to ‘grin and bear’ often debilitating symptoms with no support. Thankfully, things are changing – thanks to people like Jacqui, who is leading the charge in the NHS for structural change.

Learning about the menopause is important for everyone – not just people who were born with ovaries and will therefore go through it themselves. It’s also crucial for men and people who will never experience the menopause first-hand to educate themselves, in order to support their loved ones and colleagues.

At work, menopause support is integral not only to employee wellbeing but also to the strength of your team, as it directly affects staff retention. A growing number of workplaces are introducing menopause policies to give a structure to that support, and to help managers know what to do when an employee is struggling with the menopause.

Invest in your team’s wellbeing by joining Jacqui’s practical workshop to:

  • Learn about the impact of menopause on workforce retention
  • Discover what ‘good support’ looks like and what you can do
  • Discuss case studies: what would you do in this situation?
  • Leave with a template menopause policy for your workplace

We are particularly excited that the Nursery Managers Show will be hosted by Davina McCall, who has done brilliant work in highlighting the menopause and supporting people through it, including with her book Menopausing: The positive roadmap to your second spring.

Listen to Davina sharing her experiences on the Entertainment Stage, and then come along to Jacqui’s workshop to put that inspiration into action!



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