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02 May 2023

Session announcement: Neuroinclusion in the early years

Session announcement: Neuroinclusion in the early years
Join Cheryl Bedding of Aperion Training for CPD-accredited training on embedding neuroinclusion into your pedagogy and makes your nursery safe and comfortable as possible for neurodivergent children.

Neurodivergence is increasingly on the agenda, not just in the early years but across society and working culture – and rightly so. For too long, the world has operated – and continues to operate – in ways that hinder or even harm neurodivergent people.

Happily, a shift is starting to take place. People like comedian Hannah Gadbsy, who leans into her autism and uses it to inform much of her content, are playing a part in shifting the dial in popular culture.

Meanwhile, wonderful people in our sector, like nursery manager Jake Forecast – who we interviewed for our Spotlight series – are sharing their stories of neurodivergence and how it affects their personal and professional lives – the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

As our collective awareness of the importance of embracing everyone’s differences grows, it’s vital that nursery managers truly embed this philosophy into the curriculum and culture of their settings. You as a manager have tremendous power to do this and to positively affect the lives of the neurodivergent children (and their families) in your care.

Cheryl Bedding has three decades of experience in the early years, and founded Aperion to offer SEND training and consultancy to early years settings. Meanwhile, Cheryl parents her own children with SEND – meaning she really lives and breathes her work.

Join Cheryl for this valuable CPD session to:

  • Discover the importance of real connection with autistic children though play, purposeful and connected engagement, and consistent positive interactions
  • Analyse the impact of your environment on sensory seekers and avoiders, and learn how to reduce triggers
  • Develop your own toolkit of strategies to truly embed neuroinclusion within your pedagogy
  • Leave with a CPD-accredited certificate



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