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27 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Nursery Panel

Session announcement: Nursery Panel
Join us as Davina McCall discusses the challenges and successes of the nursery sector with our esteemed panel of nursery managers and senior leaders.

Rounding off the day, we have a brilliant panel discussion on the Entertainment Stage, with Davina interviewing some wonderful nursery managers in our network.

Join us as our managers discuss everything from supporting SEND children to training staff to understand the needs of your most vulnerable children; from the importance of apprenticeships to the challenges nursery managers are currently facing. 

Our panel will also cover how to look after your staff’s wellbeing – an important topic, particularly with recruitment and retention being such a big challenge at the moment, and a big focus of the Managers Show (check out our Wellbeing Theatre!)

Finally, we’ll discuss how to develop a curriculum that’s individual to your setting, and what our panel are most proud of achieving in their settings.

Join the following brilliant early years leaders as they’re interviewed by our host Davina McCall:

Both days

  • Karen Horn, Lead SENCO, Naturally Learning 
  • Josie Mapes, Head of education, The Lime Trees
  • Amanda Bates, Nursery manager, The Lime Trees

Friday 30 June only

  • Kerry Nettel, Deputy Manager, Storal Learning
  • Joyce Braimah, Area Manager, Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries
  • Gemma Fletcher, Area manager, Kidzrus

Saturday 01 July only

  • Emma Bryant, Nursery Manager, Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries

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