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28 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Ofsted: Every child deserves the best start in life

Session announcement: Ofsted: Every child deserves the best start in life
Join experts from Ofsted to hear about the regulator’s early years focus, learn how to build a curriculum for communication, and find out why Ofsted says ‘do nothing’ to prepare for an inspection.

Join Ofsted for a workshop designed to equip you with the insights, strategies, and practical knowledge you need to excel at your next inspection. 

Ofsted's strategic focus on the early years is a testament to the fact that a strong foundation in early education paves the way for future success. By emphasising this phase, Ofsted aims to ensure that children receive the best possible start to their educational journey. 

It’s important for nursery settings to align with Ofsted's strategy to create a nurturing environment that supports children's holistic development and meets the regulatory standards for excellence.

One pillar of Ofsted’s strategy for the early years is communication. Communication and language skills are the building blocks for a child's cognitive, social, and emotional development. Effective communication enables children to express their needs, develop relationships, and engage in learning. 

Nursery managers should therefore be aware of how to design a curriculum that fosters communication and language skills. A well-rounded curriculum should encompass opportunities for active listening, expressive language, vocabulary development, and effective communication in various contexts. 

As well as discussing their focus on communication, Ofsted will demystify the inspection process and answer your questions on how to put yourself in a strong position for a good rating. By understanding the inspection process, early years providers can prepare effectively, demonstrate their commitment to quality, and get the positive ratings they deserve. 

Join Ofsted’s Angela Dyer, lead inspection trainer, Early Years, Sam Sleeman-Boss, early education quality and practice lead, and Wendy Ratcliff, principal officer, Early Education, to:

  • Hear why Ofsted’s strategy has a focus on early years
  • Discover and discuss the importance of communication and language
  • Learn how to build a curriculum for communication and language
  • Find out what happens on inspection, and why Ofsted says ‘do nothing’ when asked ‘what do I need to do to prepare for my inspection?’


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