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  • Childcare has now become a key policy on the political battleground in the run up the next general election and all parties are looking to level up their offering. NMT editor, Briony Richter finds out
  • Join Sue Kamal from Realise to learn strategies for conducting disciplinary meetings, and improve your ability to have difficult conversations with parents and staff alike.
  • Jamila McDonald is one of more than 4,000 managers, employers and sector specialists planning to attend the Nursery Managers Show. We caught up with her to find out why.
  • Join Chris Skinner and Sophie Campbell Ford to learn how to teach your children about being safe online, and gain exclusive access to additional online training for your staff and parents.
  • Join Sue Egersdorff and Liz Ludden, Ready Generations, and Ruth Sandbach, Belong Chester, to discover how building relationships with care homes in your community can benefit your children.
  • The UK childcare system is facing another incredibly difficult year and relies heavily on any financial support available from the government. Briony Richter explores the latest underspend findings
  • Join experts from Kidzrus and ILT Education to discuss the crucial issues around equality, diversity and inclusion that nursery managers are facing every day.
  • Charlotte Goddard, NMT features editor, is inspired by the Book of the Year
  • Briony Richter, editor, NMT explains why we should take a leaf out of Simone Davies book on embracing the Montessori Method.

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